Psychiatrists provide care for people who have been traumatised in the face of natural disasters, conflicts, and sexual assault. They also provide psychological care for patients who are mentally exhausted due to prolonged conflicts as well as those who deal with long-term treatment of and discrimination against illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. In some cases, a psychiatrist and a psychologist work together, while in other cases, the psychiatrist takes the lead. Psychiatrists are responsible for providing medication, medical advice, and training for local medical staff.
Most people who receive mental care speak the local language, so counseling is provided through an English- or French-speaking interpreter. Therefore, it is also important to provide guidance and training to local interpreters.


  • Conduct individual consultation in clinical practice as a psychiatrist
  • Provide medication and medical advice
  • Support programs and teams by proposing improvements in line with MSF's goals and strategies
  • Improve working environment as needed and coordinate team efforts
  • Plan training for staff and conduct evaluations, supervision, etc.
  • Refer patients to appropriate local facilities as needed
  • Submit activity reports and manage data (patient files, forms, statistics, databases, etc.)



  • EssentialCompliance with Essential Requirements for all potential candidates
  • EssentialMedical degree with psychiatry degree registered
  • EssentialAt least 2 years of clinical experience
  • EssentialManagement/supervision/teaching experience
  • EssentialFluency in English and/or French
  • DesirableExperience providing psychotherapy over a short period of time
  • DesirableExperience providing counseling for patients with infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis
  • DesirableExperience providing counseling tailored to the needs of an individual, group, family, etc.
  • DesirableExperience in psychotherapy for children
  • DesirableExperience in psychotherapy for PTSD patients
  • DesirableAvailable for a minimum of 6 to 12 months

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Medical Guidelines

Information about clinical and medical necessities for MSF’s activities in developing countries, such as required medical supplies, clinical guidelines, refugee healthcare, tuberculosis, obstetrics, and so on, is available on our website (English)Open a new window. PDF materials, ebook materials, and a smartphone application are available for download. Printed materials are made available at our information sessions.