Essential requirements

Essential requirements for all potential field worker

To work in the field with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), every applicant must meet the following essential requirements:

Commitment to the goals and values of MSF

Make sure you read the information about Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and MSF‘s CharterOpen a new window on the web site.

Ability to live and work in a multi-national team

MSF field staff live and work together. Living conditions are often basic, with little privacy. Field workers need to be tolerant, and possess good interpersonal skills to interact with people of all nationalities and cultures.

Experience and interest in supervising and training others

Most field positions involve training and management of national staff, based on the understanding of the needs and limitation of the field.

Ability to cope with stress

Many MSF projects are located in or near conflict areas. The environment is often chaotic and you will face various challenges. Field workers must be able to cope with stress in a difficult and unpredictable environment.


Field situations can change quickly and job descriptions must change accordingly. Team composition and working environments may also change. Flexibility and adaptability are critical for a successful MSF field assignment.

Good command of English and/or French

Communication skills in English or French are essential. You are expected to work in these languages, establish mutual understanding, and express your opinion as a member of a multicultural team.

Ability to work independently, organise and prioritize work and use initiative

MSF field assignment is demanding and every staff member must be able to manage their responsibilities and workload in a professional manner, with a minimum of direction.

Desirable experience

Experience in developing countries

Most of MSF's projects are in developing countries. Working experience or extensive travel experience in such countries or remote areas can be an asset.

Submit your application

Please first prepare your CV (free form) and a motivation letter. Some positions may request you to download and fill specific CV (MSF CV template) and a technical check list. Please check the page for the position you would like to apply for, to ensure what document(s) are requested for your profile. You will need to fill all the necessary documents in English or French, then complete your application through our online application form.