Orthopaedic surgeon

Orthopaedic surgeons work with limited equipment, facilities, and human resources, using strong judgement, professional skills, and extensive experience to treat various ailments. Those in this position must have the ability and skills to independently perform medical treatment and postoperative care in line with MSF protocols. Care is conducted primarily in areas where natural disasters, conflicts, and violence occur frequently or, outside of these areas, for traffic injuries. External fixation is a common method of treatment. Depending on the situation, orthopaedic surgeons may handle cases other than orthopaedic surgery as well as provide guidance and training for locally hired staff.


  • Reconstruct soft tissues and conduct amputation for severe limb trauma
  • Treat fractures with external fixation, traction, cast, pinning, etc., including complex open fractures due to bullets, blast injuries, and traffic injuries
  • Consider treatment including skin grafting, pedunculated flap surgery, etc.
  • Determine condition and treatment through x-ray, physical findings, and intraoperative findings without CT
  • Perform vascular sutures (especially femoral arteriovenous reconstruction) and nerve sutures
  • Manage surgical equipment and supervise guidelines and protocol compliance
  • Assess surgical risk at preoperative examination; carry out postoperative management and rounds
  • Collect, analyse, and monitor quantitative data on surgery
  • Plan staff training, evaluation, and supervision
  • Support other departments as needed



  • EssentialCompliance with Essential Requirements for all potential candidates
  • Essential2 years of professional experience following the obtention of the specialty diploma
  • EssentialCertified orthopaedic surgeon with active license
  • EssentialExperience with trauma, fractures, burns, and tendon sutures
  • EssentialManagement/teaching experience
  • EssentialAbility to work in English and/or in French
  • DesirableClinical experience or training in disaster medicine and mass casualty management
  • DesirableClinical experience in environments with limited human resources and materials, such as isolated islands, remote areas, and developing countries
  • DesirableAvailable for a minimum of 6 weeks

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Medical Guidelines

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