Terms of employment

The following terms of employment are applied to staff who are residents of Japan with the right to work without restrictions and placed on an employment contract with MSF Japan. For others, the conditions may vary depending on the MSF office you are recruited by and contracted with, although some features are common for all MSF field staff.


  • MSF provides 25 paid holidays per year (or pro rata equivalent)
  • MSF covers the cost of living and accommodation in the project country as well as transportation costs to and from the mission.
  • MSF covers the cost of vaccinations and medical check.
  • MSF covers other administrative expenses e.g. visas etc.
  • In the first 12 months of field work, gross monthly allowance is approximately JPY 171,505.
  • After 12 months in the field, salary increases to the range of JPY 200,408 - 575,862, calculated based on levels of responsibility and past professional experience.


  • MSF provides all field workers with health (for the duration of the mission plus three months after returning), medical evacuation, life and disability insurance coverages.
  • MSF contributes on behalf of field staff to the employment insurance and to the Japan National insurance when the duration of the assignment exceeds 31 days and 2 months respectively.


Working hours can vary considerably depending on the nature of the project and the period. For example, field staff may have to work intensely for long hours during an emergency. However, they are given time off work to have the necessary rest.