How to apply

Thank you for your interest in Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF Japan only accepts applications from residents of Japan and Russia who are eligible to work without restrictions in these countries. If you do not live or do not have an unrestricted work permit in these countries, please refer to MSF International web sites to locate the nearest office to which you can apply.

  1. Preparation for application

    Get a basic idea about MSF by attending an Information session or by reading our website, particularly MSF Charter, Who we need , Activity news, and FAQs.

  2. Submit your application

    Please prepare first your CV (free form) and motivation letter. Some positions may request you to download and fill specific CV (MSF CV template) and technical check list. Please check the table below to ensure document(s) requested for your profile. You need to fill all necessary documents in English or French. Then you complete our online application to apply.


    Position CV(MSF CV template) Technical Check List
    Administrator Admin_Skill_Check_List
    Logistician Log_Skill Check sheet
    General physician, Pediatrician GP_Pediatrician_CV ER_Check List
    ICU_Check List
    Pediatrics_Check List
    ER doctor ER Doctor_CV
    ICU doctor ICU_Doctor_CV
    Obstetric/Gynecologist OBGY Doctor_CheckList
    Anesthesiologist Anaesthetist_CV
    General Surgeon,Orthopedic Surgeon Surgeon_CV
    Midwife Midwife_CV
    Pharmacist Pharmacist_CV Pharmacist_Check List
    OT nurse OTNurse_Check List
    Nurse General Nurse_Check List
    Psychiatrist, Psychologist Psychiatrist_Psychologist_Check list
    Health promotor Health Promotor_Check List
    Project Coordinator PC_Skill_Check_List



  1. 1st Screening: Application documents and language test

    Application screening involves technical screening of your CV and checklist-based assessment of suitability for specific positions. This process may take several weeks.
    After document screening passed, applicants take language test and need to mark certain score which depends on the position you apply.

  2. 2nd Screening Interview& Selection

    Applicants who pass initial screening and online language test are invited to a face-to-face or Online interview (in English or French). Applicants should expect to receive feedback on the interview within 2 weeks.

  3. Official registration in MSF Japan Human Resource Pool

    Preliminarily validated applicants are asked to submit additional documents, such as medical license, diploma etc., to complete their registration.

  4. Pre-departure training

    Newly validated candidates are invited to attend a 3-day training session called "Welcome Days" held in Tokyo (Due to Covid-19 pamdemic, it is currently organized by online) Some candidates may be required to attend other training programs prior to their first field assignment.

  5. Matching and preparation for departure

    MSF Japan coordinates with 5 operation centers (France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Spain) to match field positions with appropriate candidates. Once position is identified, MSF contacts a candidate and then work to proceed with visa application, flight tickets etc.

  6. Briefing and Departure

    You will be given a briefing about the mission and departure to the field.


Field Human Resources MSF-Japan